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I use it with my English-language-learner classes, but students of all English-proficiency levels would find it helpful. I love that after periodic “diagnostics,” it recommends which exercises students should move onto for additional practice. Please explain in detail how you use each one, including linked examples. I wouldn’t necessarily find that everyone would get or do everything off the list. As you said in your reply “to me it is this list” – everyone has preferences for their set-up and I know this list is far from ideal . At this point, my laptop really just acts as the hub and operating system.

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Students break out into groups and the instructor move from group to group to provide feedback and then the full class may debrief and/or discuss further. Additional instruction may be prepared as a mini lecture and/or as just-in-time response to the discussion and/or to set up the next readings/class discussion. Seattle Aquarium — Seattle Aquarium offers virtual tours of their marine exhibits. They also offer various live webcams so students can view harbor seals and sea otters in real time. Wakelet— Can be used as a custom curricular curator that allows teachers and students to save videos, articles, and other web files to a central location in a collection.

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The website supports many formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF documents. Quizzizz is a web-based assessment tool that allows you to present quizzes on science, social sciences, computer science, technical education, and art to students as a timed test or homework with a specified deadline. Education Transform ordinary classes into engaging online courses. Retail Train retail staff online to boost sales and create a better customer experience. Automotive Perform timely compliance training and upskill your automotive technicians.

For coding/scripting activities, students can be sent off to Zoom breakout rooms and share their screen. Breakout rooms also have whiteboards for students to create diagrams, or they can share a group worksheet via Google docs to complete together. Zoom includes several other tools to engage students during class, including a chat tool and annotations.

While some programs offer varying accommodations, teachers may have to look beyond the standard offerings for certain higher-risk students. Today’s responsive assessment tools allow teachers to check in with students at any point in the curriculum, not just at the end of a lesson or unit. This can help them get a more “real-time” view of student needs. It can make up for the lack of an in-person presence that some students rely on to stay on track. For high school students and college-ready learners who want to challenge themselves, there’s nothing like Coursera. This platform is a notable provider of massive open online courses , and it even offers degrees and certificates in some cases.

  • We’ve compiled an extensive list of free teaching tools that will take your classroom to the next level and transform passive learning into active exploration.
  • It’s pretty good for non-technical jargon and might not need much editing.
  • Check out the best examples of teaching tools that let you plan lessons for free.
  • The website supports many formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF documents.
  • The features for teachers include suggested lesson plans and further assignments.

Crestron Flex is a portfolio of videoconferencing solutions that transform any classroom into a dynamic, collaborative learning environment. “This is a very good product for higher education and some high school uses,” said our judges. “With the ability to engage and reach all students with its voice-read texts, accommodation functions, and progress monitoring capabilities, this literacy program is tops,” our judges stated. CatchOn’s data analytics allows educators to track digital engagement, personalize learning, ensure student data privacy compliance, and more.

In addition to plain boards, Idroo lets you paste powerpoint presentations, PDFs and Word documents for live annotation. There are a range of ways to share course content with your students, depending on whether you want, or need, to meet in real-time or not. As always, ensuring the accessibility of your course content is a key part of successfully delivering that content to students. MakeBeliefsComix is an in-browser comic creator that provides you with multiple ways to use it in a classroom environment.

Establish effective communication channels with your students

Tech & Learning judges said, “The analytics and data privacy features of this product are very valuable for districts.” Imagine Math, a preK-8 online math solution suite, supplements standards-based mathematics instruction through a system of adaptive and standards-aligned benchmarks and formative assessments. “This math program’s unique features includes support of ELLs through scaffolding and the use of live bilingual teachers,” noted T&L judges.

Top Hat’s all-in-one teaching platform equips professors to deliver an effective remote teaching experience that maintains connections with students and preserves the key benefits of an in-class learning experience. For synchronous or asynchronous teaching solutions, Top Hat boasts integrations with both Zoom and Loom, allowing you to run a video lecture or embed lecture recordings into students’ courseware. Attendance and discussion features ensure students are present and engaged. All materials—discussion questions, ebooks, and assessments—are in one spot for students to access during a synchronous remote class or afterwards. Top Hat has also announced it is now offering free, secure proctored tests and exams students can take on their own computers at a pre-set time and from any location.

EquatIO lets users type or handwrite virtually any mathematical expressions and equations including chemistry and physics equations directly on keyboard or touchscreen. “Students use Lexia everyday in our district, working Coding for kids we support schools children and young people! on their level completing tasks. It’s a very useful and dynamic tool,” our judges commented. “This STEM program is built on the 5E lesson model to move lessons away from teacher-led to student led,” our judges said.

Pear Deck partnered with Newsela to create interactive daily learning topics straight from the headlines. Other partnerships include Encyclopedia Britannica and Google’s Be Internet Awesome program. Pear Deck offers a simple way to boost your curriculum without starting from scratch. Padlet is a multifunctional platform to collect information, visuals, videos, documents and much more. Users can create “padlets” or digital corkboards to create collections of data and information pretty much any way they want.

My teaching is discussion-based with no visual media but I would like to be able to walk (not just sit) around while lecturing.

Insert Learning— An app that allows teachers to insert annotations in any online text. Looking for a really simple app that can do screen captures and regular classroom presentations? Loom is a fuss-free way to record, narrate, and share lectures with an easier way to communicate than text. You can display your lecture with your talking head in the bottom corner, too.

Our neighbors at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology next door use Moodle which I think is also OSS. Campus disruptions may limit students’ access to resources they need to complete papers or other projects, and team projects may be challenged by a team’s access to meet online in Zoom. Be ready to change assignment expectations based on the limitations remote learning can impose. Possible options include allowing individual rather than group projects, having groups record presentations with Zoom, or adjusting the types of resources needed for research papers. It is sometimes assumed that online teaching must be less interactive than its face-to-face counterpart.

Assessment and Feedback

If they are dispersed around the globe and not on campus, they might be feeling disconnected from the community. How do you create an organization that is nimble, flexible and takes a fresh view of team structure? These are the keys to creating and maintaining a successful business that will last the test of time. When you’re on video, be aware of your posture and make sure to look straight at the camera.

Kahoot can be used to wrap up a session of teacher development or an ESL lesson. When I use Kahoot during teacher-development courses, I am also demonstrating the platform in a practical way. Teachers become familiar with Kahoot and are ready to use it in their classes. I think it is important that teachers experience the tools that students will use to gain familiarity and anticipate anything that can be added to their lesson plans. Students also like its sounds, which give movement to the activity.

Do a few test captures to ensure your writing is legible and your audio is being captured clearly by the microphone . When planning your online teaching, you will want to use a blend of audio, video, slides, and electronic blackboards to create an immersive experience even while students are learning remotely. Open source software offers advanced, effective tools for creating such online educational experiences. Connect external headset, microphone, or webcam to your laptop if available. Adjust the position of the camera to frame the desired workspace while also ensuring the picture is properly oriented .

They will help you get up to speed quickly and get your students learning. With education changing daily, the time to embrace distance learning tools is now. Even state-of-the-art teaching tools won’t work in certain situations, and the priority should be on making distance learning accessible rather than cutting-edge. Not every student will have the most up-to-date PC or steady high-speed internet service to support certain video modules or live streaming.

  • Slack effectively breaks all team communication into thematic groups – called threads – allowing staff to dip in and out of conversations that concern them.
  • Familiarizing yourself with how the tool or platform that you use works, is as important as selecting the correct tool.
  • In each case, we’ve chosen tools that aren’t just highly rated for learning but also free or cheap, making it easier for teachers to put together a toolkit that works for them.
  • To help, many of the tools on this list have privacy evaluations displayed next to our learning ratings on the review pages.

With Edpuzzle, you can create interactive video lessons with embedded audio notes, assessments, and quizzes. Its analytics tool enables you to track how students are watching your videos and if they understand the content. Aristo e-Companion for Chinese History and History’ (the e-Companion) is a comprehensive package of blended learning resources available in both web and app platforms. “Using the app on devices, students are able to create, learn, and experience Chinese history in a way that jumps off the screen,” said T&L judges.

Zoom also affords you the option of recording each class, which you can post to your Canvas site so that students can watch the recording later, perhaps because they were unable to attend the class. Be sure to also share any slides or material you will screenshare with your students in Canvas before the Zoom session. Some may want to have it up on their own screen Documenting Python Code: A Complete Guide or print and take notes during the session. Everyone is going to be challenged to move a little bit out of their comfort zone, both remote teachers and remote learners. Do a self-assessment of your own comfort level with the different technologies available. You are advised to not try “all the things”, but instead pick one or two that you can learn well.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point needed to record your screen and comment on your account perceptibly, instead of composing a long email, Loom is for you. With Loom, catch your screen, voice, and face in one spot, recording your screen or a particular application and including any essential discourse. Trim your recordings and add call-to-activities to provoke your understudies to catch up with extra material if necessary. Your recordings will be secret phrase ensured or may require a school email address for security purposes. This gives access to more students and opens possibilities for collaboration. A kindergarten student can count toys over video, and their friends can ask follow-up questions such as, “How many are pink?

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